Sunday, January 10, 2016

Letter from the Editor

January 5th made it three years since the birth of The Fact She3t. As my consciousness awakened and the social climate in the country went on a path I didn't like, this page was a place to get some stuff off my chest. I enjoyed sharing my perspective and facts I gathered along the way. Being a man of Haitian descent I have always been wary of European rule, and at this point in America the racial climate continues to unravel. I could continue writing about the same things over and over again simply replacing the name of one unarmed person of color killed by police or vigilantes with another. I could continue writing about the farther this country moves from a democratic republic and closer towards an oligarchy but that would not be productive, and it would be redundant. I also will continue on my path to obtain my graduate degree which has been sucking the time out of my schedule.

This thought experiment and personal project has fostered a deeper connection with my community of Brockton, MA through advocacy and activism. I was able to land several op-eds in various online articles and newspapers in my area. I would like to think I have inspired some people along the way. According to Google Analytics apparently The Fact She3t has made it across 131 countries, if only I could visit the amount my blog has. I'd also like to thank all the contributors to my page, friends and colleagues I'm thankful lent some of their time and intellect along the way.

In a perfect world we wouldn't have to explain the reason #BlackLivesMatter, the US and the rest of the western world would leave the Middle East to their own devices and stop pretending they care more about people then they do petroleum, we'd all stop our oil addiction and stop angering Mother Earth until the day she says enough is enough, and a Bernie Sanders/Angela Davis presidential ticket would sweep in 2016.

While I wrap up my blog I may still continue the mixtapes I been putting out. Until then, if you want to Ch3ck the Facts on your own, I'd suggest: Democracy Now!, The Intercept, and The Guardian as some critical and investigative news sources.

All Power to The People
"Men anpil chay pa lou." (Many hands make light work.) -Haitian Proverb

E. Rey

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