Tuesday, December 20, 2016

4 Your Mindz Soulfully

Source: Esquire

Some tracks spark a flame and get me in a contemplative state of mind,
Less chances nowadays cuz I'm in an almost constant state of grind.
The last year been wild seen princes, champions, and guerrilla socialists fall,
Seen family and friends move on and younger ones grow tall.
Somethings in the air, somethings in the water, somethings shaking our souls,
Got me wondering if I've been naive and ignorant to go accomplish my goals.
A generation yearning for change lost between being leaders and followers, 
While Mother nature screaming bloody murder do we hear the call from her?
Sickness all around people suffering in silence,
Others implode let the guns explode and increase the violence.
Marley told me we just living out the final chapters in The Book,
So will my life be summed up in a valiant verse or caution for the ones that's shook.
The poor getting poorer and the rich rule the nations,
Whether it's sitting in office or they giving politicians donations. 
Read this somber sonnet as we approach the new year,
Some would rather hide then confront a few fears.
May you conquer your demons and shed some tears of joy,
In the big and small victories when bravery was employed.
It's a cole world just some thoughts bumpin 4 Your Eyez Only,
Dropped these choice words 4 Your Mindz Soulfully.

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